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We’re in the process of editing another video for Vetika  titled “She Is Magic”. But this time we’re using real people not drawings. Watch a teaser by clicking on the video image. View some of the behind the scenes photos here.

“I’m stoked! Can’t wait to launch this on YouTube for my fans!”

LA Film School

The boss, Gary Dufner, teaches Photography in Graphic Design at LA Film School. While developing content for his students he creates his own videos to help the students understand the subject better. Click on the video to view it. View some of the behind the scenes photos here

“It’s a tedious process making these videos. But the end result gets through to the student and they see that a camera can do a lot more than take still photographs.”

United Forces

We do voice overs as well, and in this video we produced for United Forces we narrated the story and added atmospheric sounds. What a fun time putting this together for United Forces to entice potential fans to their comic book.  Click on the video to view it. 

“I’ve been getting a lot of attention from the video.”



Vetika got permission from United Forces to use their drawings from issue #1 in his video titled “Dreams Of The Dead Come To Life.

“I love how punk this looks!”