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We are a video film editing production company in central Florida. starting this company as web designers in 2002 we switched to video production in 2018.

Space Pirates Of The Crab Nebula

We film and edit Tim Motter’s new puppet show for children. Click on image to watch.

“Pirates? We’re barely even criminals. We have a license.”
Tim Motter

Cult Of Gutt

We animated this teaser music video for Vetika and Enzo Garza’s Gutt Ghost. Click on video to watch.

“Damn! That’s a good accompanying video, man!
Enzo Garza

Adam Phillips

We made 3 video guitar play thrus for Adam Phillips, and he plans on making more. Ben Johnson from Reverse 13 Studios  shot the scenes and we edited all of the videos together. Click on video to watch.

A little shredding in the morning is always nice.
Adam Phillips

We Create Things That Make People Go, "Whoa..."

She Is Magic

We shot and edited this music video for Vetika titled “She Is Magic”. We brought Vetika’s story to life. Watch video by clicking on the video image. 

“I’m stoked! Been receiving a lot of great feedback from the fans, and making new fans as well! The video is doing its job!”

Bobby Keller

We are in the process of making video guitar play thrus for Bobby Keller. Ben Johnson from Reverse 13 Studios  shot the scenes and we edited all of the videos together. Click on video to watch.

I am so stoked to finally announce some playthrough videos for some Meka Nism tunes, here is the first one for “These Years of Silent Screams” off of The War Inside. Also this video features the Ghoul 2.0!!!
Bobby Keller

LA Film School

The boss, Gary Dufner, teaches Photography in Graphic Design at LA Film School. While developing content for his students he creates his own videos to help the students understand the subject better. Click on video to watch.

“It’s a tedious process making these videos. But the end result gets through to the student and they see that a camera can do a lot more than take still photographs.”

United Forces Comic

We do voice overs as well, and in this video we produced for United Forces comic we narrated the story and added atmospheric sounds. What a fun time putting this together for United Forces to entice potential fans to their comic book.  Click on the video to view it. Click on video to watch.

“I’ve been getting a lot of attention from the video.”


Dreams Of The Dead Come To Life

Vetika got permission from United Forces comic book to use their art from issue #1 in this video we edited titled “Dreams Of The Dead Come To Life. Click on video to watch.

“I love how punk this looks!”

What People are Saying


“I know these are the early video edits buy whoa… I can’t believe what you’ve done so far.”


“Love the splatter”

“It’s as if the comic was drawn on a piece of paper with ink. I love the splatter, it looks like the real thing.”

United Forces


I knew you could make the image look cool but I didn’t know what to expect, and I like it!

Angel (Devils Envy)

We make comic books

Here are 4 issues of United Forces created, written, and drawn by Gary Dufner and Phil Avelli.

Fresh Content, Tasty Visuals

As you can see we take details into consideration. Brainstorming ideas and concepts with our clients.