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We Create Things That Make People Go, "Whoa..."


We started our company as web designers in 2002. We slowed down on web design in 2012 because the boss, Gary Dufner, wanted to study fine art. He went for his Master’s degree and graduated in 2015. His choice of medium was photography and you can see his work here: GaryDufner.com.  Since graduating Gary has been playing with photography, video, music, and getting back to his roots of drawing comic books.

We make videos

Here is the latest video we shot and edited for Vetika.


What People are Saying


“I know these are the early video edits buy whoa… I can’t believe what you’ve done so far.”


“Love the splatter”

“It’s as if the comic was drawn on a piece of paper with ink. I love the splatter, it looks like the real thing.”

United Forces


I knew you could make the image look cool but I didn’t know what to expect, and I like it!

Angel (Devils Envy)

We make comic books

Here are 4 issues of United Forces created, written, and drawn by Gary Dufner and Phil Avelli.

We do photography

Here’s a before an after of the singer/guitarist Angel Graves, of Devils Envy to show you what we can do to manipulate a photo.

Only the Best

Fresh Content, Tasty Visuals

As you can see we take details into consideration. Brainstorming ideas and concepts with our clients.